Things can be made straight once after taking a long breath and freshness. Bathroom is the place that is not just only for taking bath, it is the place of remodeling you with all set of freshness, and enthusiastic energy. We design your bathroom that makes you feel awesome once after completing all your bathing needs.

But to the fate and fact, every household has the chance of facing bathroom clogging and blockage leaving the house owner and the home makers with eyes full of tears. For intolerable odor, no way of using the bath room & wash room those are big hectic. And so, we are here for anytime to serve you dedicatedly round-the- clock with standard quality of service and work completion. Plumber Hayes is meant for years of proven track record of accomplishments, years of experience and well professionalism engineers help you to fix all set of bathroom services.

Harrow bathroom services comprises the work orders of:

– Bathroom plan designing and fixing

– Bathroom installation

– Showers, sinks, bath tubs, water heaters, hand showers, washing basin installation, repairs & replacements

– Towel rail and tissue rails installations, repairs & replacements

– Wet room installations, repairs & replacements

– Pipe line connection – installations, repairs & replacements

– Sanitary ware installations, repairs & replacements

We do not do just installations, but also carry out all set of relevant works in terms of repairing and re-installations. We strive to extend our services not only to hold the brand name, but for customers’ satisfaction and work completion.