We strive to achieve high levels of professional service offering installations service and repair at reasonable cost. I aim to give you comfort with energy effiency.

Boiler Repair and Replacement

No one wants the inconvenience of boiler repair. I understand this and aim to get your boiler up and running as efficiently as possible. Usually for around £120 + parts occasionally for as little as £60.00 + parts. You can minimise the need for boiler repair through annual servicing. I supply this service.

If it is necessary to replace your boiler there are many boilers to choose from. Boilers for restricted space, boilers that have advanced software to help with efficiency and self diagnosis of faults should they occur and budget boilers. Sizing a boiler correctly also yields dividends. Which one should you choose? Let me explain why I choose the range of boilers that I do.

Central Heating Design and Installation

When it comes to Central Heating in Hayes I realise that correct radiator sizing requires a modern methods of calculation. This is necessary to optimise radiator sizing and allow boilers to operate at their most efficient. That gets technical but you can let me worry about that.

You will also want to keep as much Kitchen and living space as possible so good Central Heating in Hayes and surrounding areas will offer space saving options.